Had a tremendous evening in the Court Room, last night. A group of "oldies" and "youngsters" spent most of the evening playing rhythmical games involving clapping and stamping. I doubt if the Court Room has ever seen anything like it. All this was for the first Workshop in a new project called "Generations".
This has been arranged by Mark Macleod, our Project Development Officer, Lee-Ann Cardle, Arts Development Worker and Dave Martin and Graeme Rogers from the National Theatre of Scotland.
The idea of the project is to record conversations between the oldies and the youngsters who will pair up in the coming weeks. The conversations will then be used by Dave and Graeme as part of a contempory audio/visual display at Elgin Cathedral later in the year. I hope that snippets from the conversations will also be available on our website.
Before the "games" we listened to a breakdown of the project by Mark, then watched some stunning audio/visual displays that Dave and Graeme had previously produced. The ice was certainly broken by us all taking part in the games and the night was proclaimed a success with everything wanting to carry on with the project and the next workshop on the 17th April.
For further information on the work that was done last year by the people of Moray in partnership with National Theatre of Scotland + Arts Development view on the NTS website previous shows-The Crucible-companion pieces- Moray

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