Easter at Forres House

Last wednesday Mark Macleod, our Project Development Officer, Joan and myself rolled up at Forres House, the local community centre to take part in an easter event for children organised by the staff at Forres House.
We took some objects with us which were (loosely) related to Easter - A Tawny Owl, Pheasant, Pipistrelle Bat, Stoat, Dog Whelk Eggs and an object that goes everywhere Mark goes - a fossilised elephant's tooth found by Hugh Falconer.
We had a competition to guess the mystery object (the elephant's tooth) with the prize of an easter egg going to the winner.
We also gave out some Friends' bookmarks which the kids snapped up. The picture shows Joan with some of the visitors to our stall. (Chris)

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Mark Macleod said...

Well, that spoils the mystery object for the rest of the Internet reading world then!!!
We also took another fossil, and this one wil remain a mystery in case I get to use it again, next Easter.