Highland 2007 - Fonn’s Duthchas: Land and Legacy

To keep the interest going during the closure of our museum for major refurbishment a group of a dozen Friends went to Inverness Museum on St. Patrick’s Day to catch the second last day of the major new exhibition being held there to mark the reopening following their refurbishment. This exhibition now moves on tour to Glasgow, Edinburgh and finally Stornoway where it will run from 21 September till 2 December.

The entrance to the Museum has been much improved and a lift has been installed, which creates a lighter and more friendly atmosphere on arrival: we hope our alterations will prove as successful. However the Falconer Friends did not linger there for long as the main reason for the outing was to see the exhibition. It was well worth the visit for there was much to see with numerous items on loan from the National Museums Scotland, the National Galleries of Scotland and the National Library of Scotland: a fitting celebration of the country in the year of Highland 2007.

There was one serious criticism: the information panels on the individual cases were printed in white on a blue background in a small type that rendered them almost illegible, particularly where there was no direct light shining on them. That was a pity as the description of the items on display was essential if one was to appreciate what one was looking at.

The exhibition opens in Glasgow on 6th April and is warmly recommended to anyone reading this blog who has any interest in the history, geology, art and music of the Highlands.

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