The Return (again) ......

Well, back a week then off for two. What a way to get started. Hey Ho, that's life. Anyway back I went to the Friends' Friday meeting where we sat for two hours and discussed what we are going to do with the Friends' for the next wee while.
It was a quite hilarious meeting at times - most of the hilarity seemed to be over lift evacuation training. Well you gotta laugh! Seriously though, it was a worthwhile meeting with lots of points discussed such as volunteers coming in on more than one day, various projects needing attention, getting proper notification of tours and introducing a new tour booking form and also a volunteer information sheet for new volunteers.
We don't want new volunteers bogged down in paperwork and we most certainly want to be a friendly Friends group. We really don't want to get into the modern predilection for endless forms and bureaucracy we just want volunteers. The only stipulation we must make is they be Friends' members so they are covered by our insurance.
Poor Valerie the new Visitor Development Officer had the unenvieable job of taking minutes - it must have been horrendous to do with all the laughter and general fun that ensued.


Unknown said...

You are not supposed to be having fun doing it....tsk, tsk how things slip after only 14 months since leaving ;)

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