The Return ...

Well, after a ten week absence I returned to the fold today and found a very cheery and lively group of volunteers have continued to keep the Friday morning volunteering session going.

I arrived to find Senior Museums Officer, Alasdair, perched on top of the office in the workshop area, with Ross half way up a ladder and Mary and Reg folding up cardboard boxes. There were threats to leave Alasdair up there if he didnt behave himself, but he did and safely down he came!

In the office itself Henrietta and Mike were still researching labels for the museum objects. Upstairs in the Museum store Joan, Rose, Peggie and new Museums Officer Liz Trevethick were indexing the contents of the store. Nice to see everyone at work. I was very touched by the warm welcome back they gave me and must admit all I did was look at photos of the opening night of the Burns Exhibition, had a cup of tea and caught ip in all the gossip. A nice gentle start.

I'm looking forward to next week as I can be just one of the volunteers with Liz having the unenviable task of finding us all something to do. Mind you, as most of them said the thought of me not putting in my tuppenceworth is worth thinking about!

It's good to be back and my thanks to everyone for their hard work for the Burns Exhibition and keeping everything going.

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