Unlucky for some

Thirteen volunteers turned up for today's session in the Lab. A record attendance. Though I had promised the group we would do a session on "Teaching With Objects" I was unable to do the prep because of illness but hope to hold the session next week.
So it was back to the grind for the wee group of stalwarts.
Reg heroically guided Derek, Mike and Henrietta through finishing the new labels for the display cases; Mary, John and Valerie got down to writing out envelopes for children to "sort" at the Post Office Sorting bench, whilst Henrietta painstakingly cut out scans of mid 20th century stamps to be put on the envelopes. Jean, Vallie and Joan priced up Notelet cards whilst Ross folded application forms and turned A4 paper into A5 to print the notelets on. Who's missing? Oh yes - Marjorie managed to get the darkroom all to herself and edited the old Visitors Guide to the Museum on one of the network PCs. She soon found out how slow the network can be compared to home! It's great having someone who knows their way round Word and Publisher. Whilst all this hard work was going on I lurched around from place to place generally answering questions on where to find things. I had been there for a couple of hours before everyone else though, opening up, printing and setting up equipment.
Rebecca, the Community Librarian came over with three boxes of biscuits as a thank-you for our help with the Library Display, so teabreak was even more welcome than usual. Speaking of teabreaks - the sessions have become so popular that I've had to acquire another kettle. Thank goodness for mothers-in-law who keep spare kettles in their cupboards!
We had a lively discussion on the rights and wrongs of the Tourist Information Centre moving into the Museum building; what we should do for our Christmas Exhibition this year (we've decided to do something for Burns' Night instead); acting as Tour Guides and going out and about to Schools and groups. Then suddenly, its 4 o'clock and everyone drifts away and I tidy up, lock up and head for the Post Office, Bank and Tesco before I go home and wash all the cootn gloves I can find for next week's session.
It great to note that since the beginning of the year the volunteers have clocked up 161 hours.

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