Forres High Street at Library

Yesterday, 78 people attended a display and talk on Forres High Street of old in the Library. Graeme Wilson, Local Heritage Officer, gave the talk in front of an appreciative audience. Unfortunately I was unable to attend through illness but Rebecca Bolton, Community Librarian did the introductions and was delighted, though somewhat surprised, at the large turnout.
The Friends have produced a 5 foot long plan of the High Street as it was in the 1940. The information was supplied by Ross and Vallie Dalziel and the painting by Jean Mortimer. Space has been left so that members of the public can add post-it notes with details of shops they remember. The Friends also put together a small exhibition of items which came from old High Street shops. Included in the items was a cash box from the local branch of The City of Glasgow Bank. This Bank was the last Bank to have collapsed before the Northern Rock fiasco of this year.
The exhibition and plan will be shown in the Library until 3rd March when the public will be invited back to discuss their reminiscences of Forres High Street.


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