Leather and Metal Course

The opportunity to attend a course on the care of leather and metal sponsored by “Skills Building for the Future” being held in the Findhorn Village Centre seemed like something I would like to do. So along with another member of the Falconer friends I set off with my leather and metal objects at the ready and pen and paper to hand. A bright day at Findhorn, a cup of coffee and congenial companions.
We settled down to listen to Will Murray of “The Scottish Conservation Studio” talk on leather. All types and finishes, their uses and how to look after them with conservation techniques. After a break we switched to metals and heard about all the different types, how to handle and display them and their care and conservation. From Ploughshares to horseshoe nails we wanted for nothing. Then a chance to have a hands-on session and have a go ourselves. A lot to learn but an enjoyable and worthwhile day. It’s good fun being a friend. (Joan)

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Chris Bridgeford said...

I also attended the course with Joan and had a thoroughly good time. The trainer was excellent. I was amazed at how far people travelled to be there - Dornoch, Oban, Skye, Inverness and ..... Elgin! These courses are organised by Skills Building for The Future (http://www.heritage-skills.co.uk) We have come home with very detailed information sheets which I'm sure will come in useful for future in-house training.