Is it that time already?

First volunteer session since the opening of High Street History Exhibition. Patted ourselves on the back then broke the news to the volunteers that we need to start work on our next exhibition. Its going to be based on Robbie (Rabbie), (Robert) Burns. Which is the correct nomenclature? Maybe the exhibition will clear that up. For those of you who are not in the UK, Burns is Scotland's favourite and best known poet. Burns Night is celebrated on 25th January so the exhibition will start around that time - possibly 23rd Jan. There is such a lot I want to cover though.

I thought it would be a good idea to brainstorm ideas but not everyone got the idea and some took all the suggestions too seriously. Oh, its hard work sometimes. Anyway, eventually I dragged out a lot of really very good ideas and these are now blu-tacked up on a wall for everyone to see.

There was the usual instance of women proving they can multi-task better than men - Henrietta wins the prize! I wish I had her energy. A truly valuable addition to the volunteers and I really do appreciate people who speak their minds - it saves so much time hithering and dithering. I was trying (but didnt fully succeed) to get the group to think off the wall a bit and come up with thier own ideas instead of following all of mine. We've all grown leaps and bounds though and confidence is growing all the time. Alasdair (Senior Museums Officer) is very supportive of our ideas for the exhibition and I hope its going to be an exhibition to remember.

Lots of other things in the pipeline - Local Heroes Project, Homecoming Project of Lord Strathcona, Museums Officer wants to do agriculture exhibition and will need a hand, printing applictin forms, mailshots etc etc and labelling......

I was conscious I wasnt fully on form for planning the last one and will try and take more care in watching timescales and allowing for illnesses, middle aged induced memory loss and other curves life throws at you.

Anyway, time for another couple of weeks off for me as my 8 year old nephew is staying with us for a fortnight for his summer holidays - oh I'm going to be so shattered! Its so difficult having to play with lego, build models, play wii games and watch dvds - how will I ever cope??

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful activity going on behind the scenes at Falconer. I look forward to visiting someday. It would also be wonderful to experience Burns night.
Drue Kataoka