Work Experience

Hi, my name is Mairi Maclean and I'm here working at the Falconer Museum for my sixth year work experience! I come from Castlebay Community School on the Isle of Barra in the Western Isles and decided that I wanted to try working in a museum for a taster of what it involves and what you actually have to do. I got the opportunity to have a look in the store where all the artefacts are kept (they've got some really weird stuff in there), visited Dallas Primary school and helped to sort out labels for the cases. I also had to help put instructions in the new ipod nano plastic cases, which have been put in place to stop the ipods from getting damaged if someone drops them. I think the worst thing this week was the fact that the lab was freezing, so it was inevitable that whenever you went there you where going to get cold.
Before this week I'd never been to the Falconer Museum, which didn't really help my nerves on Monday, but it was worth traveling all the way up here. I'm going to be a bit sad when I finish on Friday. Going back to school is going to be really weird! It's been great fun working here and working in a museum doesnt look quite so boring as it did before - I won't forget this week for a long time.

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