We have just published our latest newsletter in a new 12 page format to fit into the welcome pack given to every new member. You can view the newsletter on-line from here or from the publications' page on our website. Thanks to Jean, Joan, Vallie, Wynne for helping me fold, punch and post out the newsletters on Tuesday afternoon. We are going to continue Tuesday afternoon meetings - in Mark's tidy office - to carry out lots of different volunteering jobs.

Some of the jobs we need to do are:-

  • Indexing Oral History, and the Generations Project
  • New Oral History Recording
  • Research and editingGazette Articles
  • Creating a Display Stand for the Friends
  • Recording introductions for Podcasts
  • Planning and designing the Christmas Exhibition
  • Planning and organising a talk on Alexander Falconer and the conservation of his portrait.
  • Training for Eco Bin game before going "on tour" in local libraries
  • Victorian Loan Box object research and photography
Any and all volunteers are welcome to join us

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